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Taylor Momsen Is 80 Percent Leg

Taylor Momsen

They start at her armpits!Photo: Getty Images

Since we are such awkwardly rabid fans of Gossip Girl, today’s Observer profile of Taylor Momsen doesn’t teach us much that we didn’t already know. It’s mostly a recap of the role that her character, Jenny, plays on the show. But we did appreciate this little tidbit about Lil J’s ten-foot-long legs (it’s true, we’ve seen them in person, they account for at least two-thirds of her body mass):

Her legs are epic, long and stretching out from here to forever — and, she pointed out, covered with nicks and cuts. “They take up most of my body, and I’m not used to coordinating them,” she said. (She did, in fact, later trip on the sidewalk, and she still seemed embarrassed when she told the story of her grand entrance her first day on the Gossip Girl set when she wiped out before she could even say her name.)

Covered with nicks and cuts”? We don’t buy the “clumsy” cover-up — this is clearly a plot point. After last season’s dizzying highs and terrifying lows, it was inevitable that the Gossip Girl writers would have Jenny venture into that most patrician of teen girl practices: self-harm.

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Taylor Momsen Is 80 Percent Leg