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The Jets Land Brett Favre

Brett Favre

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Late last night we learned that the Jets finalized a headline-stealing trade for former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre. The team will release QB Chad Pennington and will keep on Kellen Clemens as Favre’s backup. (Favre is scheduled to make $12.7 million this season, and freeing up Pennington’s scheduled $6 million will help the Jets clear their salary-cap limitations.) Landing the Super Bowl winner — a nine-time Pro Bowl pick and an eleven-time playoff quarterback — is a huge score for the team as coach Eric Mangini scrambles to rebuild his team. Talks officially began between Favre and New York two weeks ago, but it was rumored that Favre himself didn’t want to play for the team, and that the likelihood of his coming to play at the Meadowlands was slim. But Favre is reported to have signed off on the deal, after Mangini gave him the hard sell on the team’s new offensive line and how Favre himself would be the centerpiece of both the team’s playing and marketing strategies. The quarterback, who played in Wisconsin for sixteen seasons, was said to be concerned about living in the crowded New York area, but the Daily News reported that Mangini emphasized the proximity of the new Jets training facility in Florham Park, New Jersey, to many rural living areas. Yet, given the hopes and enthusiasms of New York fans riding on this newest Jet, we’re betting he’s not going to get much peace and quiet time anytime soon.

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The Jets Land Brett Favre