The Many Faces of Ed Westwick

All photos: Getty Images

Has Ed Westwick, like the Olsen twins, gotten into the habit of presenting the same face on the red carpet? The Observer thinks so: Today they sneer at the “calculated way in which Mr. Westwick prepared for each photographer’s flash,” alleging that he consistently affects the same Chuck Bass–like expression. We respectfully disagree! Ed Westwick has many faces, as any respectable Gossip Girl fan with 476 images of him at her disposal would know. To prove it, we have compiled a gallery of our favorite looks.


“Blue Steel 2.0.”

“Solving a Complex Theorum.”

“You Totally Want to Do It With Me,
Even Though I Am Kind of Gross.”

“Here’s My Impersonation of One of Those
Communist Propaganda Posters.”

“Dudes, I’m Seriously Not Convinced the
Bartender Is Going to Fall for the “It’s My 21st Birthday”
Trick Again. Are We Going to Get Thrown Out?”

Ed Westwick’s Photo Face [NYO]

The Many Faces of Ed Westwick