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The People Most Grateful to Favre

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Brett Favre saw his first action as a Jet on Saturday night — the uniform actually looks less goofy on him than we would have thought — and did nothing to make Jets fans nervous about handing him the keys to the whole franchise. Anyone who has watched a Jets game over the last few seasons had to enjoy seeing a pass go more than twenty yards without wobbling like a dying quail.

With just one quarter under his belt, Favre is already making several people unreasonably happy. The beneficiaries so far:

Jerricho Cotchery. The Jets wide receiver has always been the silly-named second banana to Laveranues Coles, but with Coles hurt and the lone human still grousing about losing Chad Pennington, Cotchery has become Favre’s favorite early target. The well-liked Cotchery is due for some attention; he’s the second of thirteen children.

The Easily Impressed. From the Timesgame story Sunday: “Favre and Coach Eric Mangini had most hoped to see that Favre could smoothly operate the offense all the way down to being able to break the huddle and call the play without trouble.” Well, hey, that’s a start!

Fledgling playwrights. Newsday tells us the tale of David Scott, a Columbia med student and Packers fan whose play I Love You, Petty, & Favre ran at the New York International Fringe Festival last week. As difficult as it might be to imagine much crossover between “Fringe stage show fans” and “football dudes,” apparently Favre’s arrival in town made Scott’s play one of the most popular at the festival. Amusingly enough, it’s a love story.

The People Most Grateful to Favre