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The Queens Zoo Gets ‘Babydoll Lambs,’ We Are Smothered by Their Cuteness

Awr.Photo: istockphoto

Chelsea: Due to soaring rents, The Antiques Garage, on West 25th Street on Sundays since 1993, will move to Hell’s Kitchen (West 39th Street, specifically) starting November 30. [Crain’s]

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park: Look at one of the two new babydoll lambs at the Queens Zoo. Babydoll lambs are the oldest known purebred sheep in the world, weighing in at 40 pounds. But more importantly … they’re cuuuuuuuuuute! [Queens Gazette]

Inwood: City officials announced that they would finally repair the 215th Street step-street (a street made up of steps!), something locals have been begging for since 1999. And that’s good, because our friend Mark just moved up there and we walked the stairs and they are a hot Inwood mess! [Streetsblog]

Park Slope: A guy having a beer on his own stoop after Biden’s speech the other night was busted by the cops with a $25 ticket, because apparently a stoop is not considered private space. But a group of moms doing celebratory lines of coke off their stoop after Obama’s big speech were just given a fist-bump. (Note: A portion of this post is a lie.) [Brownstoner]

Prospect Heights: When the freeze on alternate-side parking rules ended here July 14, one car — a really cool 1975 Alfa Romeo — just sat there. And began to collect tickets. Until someone scrawled on them: “The man is dead.” It’s true: Romanian immigrant Vincent Banescu, 85, the car’s owner, was indeed dead. But who will get the cool car? [NYT]

Richmond: Here on Staten Island, a 3.5-mile bike path being built through LaTourette Park is destroying the wetlands it runs through. Plus, the builders uncapped a small landfill. Euch! [SI Live via Queens Crap]

West Side: The relentless sun coming through the all-glass walls of this grad student’s seventeenth-floor condo overlooking the Hudson forced her to install $12,000 automated shades and ruined her $20,000 European sectional sofa. That is so tragic to happen to a grad student! How is she going to pay her student loans now? [Curbed via WSJ]

The Queens Zoo Gets ‘Babydoll Lambs,’ We Are Smothered by Their Cuteness