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The Revenge of the Stoop Pooper

Stoop Pooper

This doorway has been darkened.Photo: Getty Images

Bedford Park: Here in the Bronx, a deli owner plans to get back at a Kennedy Fried Chicken whose sign has obscured his own by, uh, building a bigger sign that obscures the Kennedy sign. News you need to know! [Norwood News]
Boerum Hill: The apparently mentally unstable homeless woman who poops on people’s nice stoops — hence her nickname, “The Stoop Pooper” — is back. “Somebody should make a stink about this,” one commenter writes … and no one even remarks upon the pun! [Brownstoner]

Brooklyn Heights: The city will follow up on raccoon sightings only if the animals appear to be rabid, but this one “seemed to be walking calmly down the sidewalk” on Hicks Street. Well, most raccoons agree that BH is a very soothing, centering neighborhood. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

Carroll Gardens: In a reverse-Hitchcock scenario, it seems an unusual number of birds are dying on the south end of Court Street. If they’re all as cute as the bird in this picture, then we’re sad. Otherwise, we’re maybe concerned in the broader environmental sense — but not necessarily sad. [Gowanus Lounge]
Chelsea: A 46-year-old woman was discovered in her bed at the Chelsea Hotel, apparently dead for several days, though police said there were no immediate signs of foul play. [NYDN via Living with Legends]
Dutch Kills: Thirteen hotels are planned for this part of Long Island City, but only three are underway. Plus, possible zoning changes could rule out hotels in most of the hood except those that have already built a foundation. [Queens Crap]
Williamsburg: Yo La Tengo played the last (second-to-last? Sonic Youth plays next weekend) rock party at McCarren Pool before it goes back to being a pool and the party possibly moves on next year to Bushwick Inlet Park. [Curbed]

The Revenge of the Stoop Pooper