The ‘Swift Boat’ People Start Doing Their Thing With McCain

John McCain

Photo: Getty Images

A two-tour Green Beret is claiming that John McCain “never admitted the full extent to which he cooperated with his captors” in Vietnam. Paul McCartney’s lady, Nancy Shevell, bought a velvet tiger vest in East Hampton. Jason Giambi and Joba Chamberlain got killed in a game of beer pong by a couple of fans at Southern Hospitality. Marc Jacobs thinks he is a “perfect being in a perfect world.” 97-year-old Nancy Reagan may speak at the RNC in Minneapolis. Cindy Adams says Anderson Cooper slept the entirety of her flight to the DNC in Denver.

Paul Colichman, the owner of The Advocate and Out magazines, thinks Barack Obama is kind of a phony. Isabella Rossellini’s model daughter Elettra Wiedemann is trying to sell some T-shirts to help poor people in Burundi. Someone is publishing a book of photos of dead bodies, hookers, and oil-slicked truck depots called “Meadowlands.” Christopher Plummer once had a one-night stand so intense it dislodged a kidney stone. Band-Aid heiress Casey Johnson showed up at Kathie Lee Gifford’s 55th-birthday party in Las Vegas with a “really hot new brunette girlfriend,” which raises the obvious question: Why on earth did Kathie Lee invite her? Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson bought $300 worth of baby clothes, though no one knows why. Some locals in Aberdeen, Scotland, are still pissed that Donald Trump wants to open a golf course there. Cameron Diaz, who is dating Jennifer Aniston’s ex Paul Sculfor, was spotted in the Maldives “wearing a chunky ring on her left finger.” Ed Westwick told a girl he’s “not as nasty” as Chuck Bass.

The ‘Swift Boat’ People Start Doing Their Thing With McCain