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What It’s Like to Make Out With Chace Crawford

Chace.Photo: Getty Images

People had a slumber party with Madchen Amick, the actress who is playing Mary Kay LeTourneau to Nate Archibald’s Fualaau in the upcoming season of Gossip Girl, and she told them a little bit about their make-out scene. Daily Intel’s official stance is that Nate is dumb but hot, and thus we were intrigued.

He’s a very good kisser,” Amick, 37, says. “If anyone gets the opportunity to kiss him, he will not disappoint.”

Wait. That’s it? “Good”? Couldn’t she be a little more descriptive, like, “His touch was firm but tender as he pulled me towards him, wrapping his short yet muscular arms around me and pressing his adolescent flesh to my … older flesh. He smelled of flannel, Sebastian hair-care products, and — faintly — of merlot. His lips were succulent and sweet, like … um … ripe figs. I gasped with pleasure as his man-bangs caressed my cheek.” There. That’s better.

Gossip Girl Countdown: Chace Is a “Very Good Kisser” [People]

What It’s Like to Make Out With Chace Crawford