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Winona Ryder Is Dating Tom Green?!?

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Bay Ridge: The “Bay Ridge Hum,” a low-frequency buzzing that has terrorized and mystified the hood since 2005, seems to have stopped. Could it be because construction work at the Brooklyn Army Terminal is now completed? [Brooklyn Eagle via McBrooklyn]

Bensonhurst: After all these years in New York, how could we not have known there’s an amusement park here called Adventurer’s (formerly Nellie Bly) with a gay-rainbow-flag megaslide? We know what we’re doing this weekend. (Not going here, ha-ha!) [Pistols and Popcorn]

Hunts Point: The South Bronx hood gets dissed by a blogger hating on Winona Ryder and her new boyfriend, Tom Green: “Like, if her old boyfriends were mostly prime New York real estate, Tom Green is a basement in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx.” Winona, you need to fiercely team with SoBro queen Majora Carter and remove this blogger’s hand with a samurai sword. [Popserious via Curbed]

East Village: Rob Speyer, head of the company that bought Stuyvesant Town, said “Thank you” when he toured the grounds and was told by dwellers he was doing “a horrible job.” It’s in this new Stuy Town watchdog blog! [Stuy Town Report]

West Village: From a story on the fashions of Christopher Street’s transgender crowd: “One transgender woman, in a turquoise dress so short that her behind was exposed, let no chafing interrupt her freak dance later that night. She grinded between the outstretched legs of a man…He stared at her soft, round butt twisting under the steady yellow streetlight.” Villager, we like your new soft-core copy — give us more! [Villager]

Parkway Village: Gee, is it really true that JPMorgan Chase won’t let the 675 families of this Queens co-op refinance their mortgage so they can afford a new heating system before it gets cold? You’d think that the megabank would want to pay it forward after being bailed out itself by the Feds. Well, all the contact info for the bank guy is here if you want to complain. [Queens Crap]

Harlem: The family of late homeboy turned Broadway composer Richard Rodgers gave $1 million to restore the bandstand in Marcus Garvey Park. Then Reverend Calvin Butts and Sylvia Woods (of soul-food fame) got up on the bandstand and sang an R&B Sound of Music medley to show the community’s thanks. Well, some of that didn’t happen. [Gothamist]

Winona Ryder Is Dating Tom Green?!?