Ashley Dupré Can’t Take a Little Prostitution Joke

Ne-Yo performed at the club Guest House while promoters put a fake Ne-Yo onstage at Mansion around the corner, but he didn’t fool the crowd. Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch laughed like hyenas over lunch at Vento. Nello owner Nello Balan says the Four Seasons is finished. Ashley Dupré didn’t think a hooker joke from a pedicab driver was very funny, but passersby did. Michael Phelps caused total adoring pandemonium at Blue Ribbon Sushi. Cindy Adams ate blissfully at BLT Fish after not-so-stoically enduring bad food in St. Paul for the RNC.

Newly single Heather Graham flirted and danced with Dylan McDermott at the Gramercy Park Hotel, but he seemed more into her than vice-versa. Jamie Kennedy delayed a cast dinner for the movie Heckler to hook up with some girl in the bathroom. Michael Douglas will play Liberace, and Matt Damon the lover who sued him for palimony, in a Steven Soderbergh biopic about the tasteful pianist. Kanye West was arrested in Honolulu for felony vandalism for smashing a paparazzo’s camera that was worth more than $10,000.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, co-starring in Righteous Kill, declined to swipe back at Francis Ford Coppola, who said both actors had not lived up to their potential, and also that Pacino is a miser. Roger Ebert’s wife said (jokingly, we think) that she’d “get a no-neck guy from the West Side” to break the knees of New York Post film critic Lou Lumenick, who reportedly thwacked Ebert at a screening when Ebert asked him to shift in his seat to not block the subtitles. Hills star Lauren Conrad signed a three-book contract to write a young adult fiction series called L.A. Candy.

Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes may be reigniting their old romance. The priest who stalked his fellow Harvard graduate Conan O’Brien checked himself out of a treatment center against the church’s wishes.

Ashley Dupré Can’t Take a Little Prostitution Joke