Giuliani Rubbing His Hands With Glee Over Financial Crisis?

As if McCain wasn’t facing enough heat for stalling talks on the federal bailout package, which Democrats like Chris Dodd claim he did for his own political gain, now one of his main surrogates is on the record seeking to use the financial crisis for monetary gain. Rudy Giuliani’s firm Bracewell & Giuliani announced yesterday that it has used its extensive power network to set up a high-priced task force to help companies negotiate the current fiscal and political climate. From a Giuliani statement:

Our team of former government officials and experienced attorneys in the fields of legislation, enforcement and finance are equipped to guide institutions in this quickly evolving and complex environment.

Dems leaped on this news, as Giuliani is a constant stumper for McCain. McCain has previously blamed the current crisis on “unbridled greed” on Wall Street, so it could look bad that his main surrogate is moving swiftly to make money off of it. A DNC spokesman has already called this “crass opportunism.” Come on people, let’s not get hysterical — it’s crass capitalism. Ooh! Ooh! Crapitalism. Yes!

It’s Rudy, the Vulture [NYDN]

Giuliani Rubbing His Hands With Glee Over Financial Crisis?