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Hank Paulson’s Only Loyalty Is to the Chicago Cubs

Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson’s brother Richard is a fixed-income salesman at Lehman Brothers, which is kind of awkward since it has been reported that Hank is totally opposed to bailing out the struggling investment bank. How are conversations going between the two brothers these days? We would have guessed it would be something like:

Richard: Pleeeeease
Hank: No.
Richard: You’re just doing this because mom always loved me more!

But Forbes got little Richie on the phone today and he said no, really everything is actually fine:

My brother is very professional and the only thing I have talked about with him in the last couple months is the Chicago Cubs,” he said. “We are big Cubs fans.”

(It was only after he hung up that Hank relieved him of his massive atomic wedgie.)

Paulson Brothers On Either Side Of Lehman Divide [Forbes]

Hank Paulson’s Only Loyalty Is to the Chicago Cubs