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Has the ‘Bro’ Thing Gone Too Far?

For months we’ve been eagerly awaiting the October release of our colleague Daniel Maurer’s book, Brocabulary: The New Man-i-Festo of Dude Talk. It’s like his Grub Street blog, but with dudes instead of foods. But recently, so many other news articles, trend pieces, and rival projects have jumped on the bro-train that the terrain feels a little crowded. There’s even a book by Neil Patrick Harris’s character on How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson, called The Bro Code. It’s out next month as well. And the most offensive thing we’ve read about so far is BroBible.com, a new “brocial” Website, also set to launch in October. From the Yale Daily News earlier this week:

Social, athletic, upwardly mobile” young men — “bros,” to some — looking for a venue to share stories of weekend revelries and exchange tips on romantic endeavours need search no longer. Brobible.com, a national organization with an emerging chapter at Yale, will launch an online forum Oct. 15. Its tagline: “Every Bro Has A Story.”

The Website will feature a group blog, social networking, video and music uploading, and the ability to organize your friends into subsets, like your fraternities or sports teams. They were out recruiting straight bros at a Yale tailgate last weekend (not a particularly auspicious place to start, if you ask us). But we can’t help but think that this is a bad time to launch such a project — after all, who has been most affected by the collapse of all these banks if not the bros?

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Has the ‘Bro’ Thing Gone Too Far?