Help Find Hannah Upp

Intel just got what may be the most sincere message we’ve gotten from a publicist in our lives, from Sarah Caldwell at Farrar, Straus, and Giroux:

I am writing to you with a personal, heartfelt plea to use your media
power to help find a missing person - someone who is, perhaps, one of
your most loyal readers and my dear friend.

Hannah Upp (see flyer attached) is a 23 year-old Spanish teacher in New
York City Public Schools and she has been missing since Friday, August
29th. She vanished from her Hamilton Terrace apartment suddenly,
leaving behind her purse, wallet, keys, cell phone, passport and credit card. No one has hear from her since. She graduated from Bryn Mawr
College in 2007 before moving to the city to start her teaching career.

If there is any way you could please post this on the website today in
the hopes that we get some leads before it is too late, I would be
forever grateful. Think of your friends, your loved ones and how
terrifying it would be for them to one day disappear without a sound.

Wait, she’s only “perhaps” a loyal reader? Well, in that case … No, of course, done and done. If anyone thinks they might know anything about Hannah’s disappearance, please contact Detective Perez at the 30th Precinct: 212-690-8842 or 212-690-8843.

Help Find Hannah Upp