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Is Kathie Lee Gifford the Sexiest Woman on Television?

This month, Details magazine has an article with basically the same headline as this post, except they phrase it as a statement rather than a question. In their analysis of the brassy host of the fourth hour of the Today show, they conclude that her bawdy jokes, risqué attitude, and pushy interviews have turned her into the kind of sexy cougar that men love. From the article:

Men who would normally have eyes only for women 30 years Gifford’s junior, whose fantasies should be confined to the realm of the Scarletts, the Jessicas, and the Siennas, men who don’t watch daytime TV, find themselves thinking Gifford’s, well, hot.

“I do the crazy things — I know what’s going to work on-camera,” Kathie Lee says. “[Co-host Hoda Kotb and I are] not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but we might be your glass of champagne or, in my case, Chardonnay.”

Now, we actually find the fourth hour of the Today show to be nearly unwatchable, partially because it makes us sad that Kathie Lee has turned Hoda from a serious journalist into the lesser half of a repetitive coffee klatch. But we don’t not like the former Live co-host. We kind of think Kathie Lee is funny — and maybe would do better with a show of her own. And she’s certainly quite pretty, and always has been. But sexy? Sexy like Sienna Miller? Mmm. Well. We’re not sure. What do you guys think?

The Craziest [and Sexiest] Woman on TV [Details]

Is Kathie Lee Gifford the Sexiest Woman on Television?