Is McCain Just Too Tired to Do the Debate?

At a New York dinner of international high-profile women, Sarah Palin told Lady Lynn de Rothschild, who’s a Democrat but is throwing a huge fund-raiser for McCain this time around, that she’s “a gutsy lady,” and Cindy Adams “nearly lunged” for Palin’s collar to find out her label. Also, while grumping about McCain’s blowing off his show to focus on the economy, David Letterman said that McCain’s taking Palin to the U.N. to meet world leaders was like “take-your-daughter-to-work-day.” Which is kind of funny, right? And also, someone at McCain’s debate rehearsal Wednesday at the Morgan Library overheard him say he was “exhausted,” which is maybe the real reason he’s been trying to cancel the debate tonight.

In the world’s freshest news, Robert De Niro was very difficult on the set of the 1997 movie Jackie Brown, according to a 1997 tape that has surfaced of a convo between Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino. Prince Albert of Monaco will finally get married next summer. People say that Kent Brownridge, the new head of OK! magazine, is “addled,” asking the same question four times on a call and banning baby and wedding pics even though they sell big for the mag. Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers, is supposedly being cuckolded by his model girlfriend, who’s been signed to a burlesque show in Vegas because she’s been “sleeping with every midget in town.”

Dominic Chianese from The Sopranos was rebuffed by the Yankees when he offered to sing the national anthem at one of their last games at Yankee Stadium, so he’ll sing it at Fenway Park instead. Pink (the self-hazard) was seen at Cuba on Thompson cuddling and laughing with some tall, slim Italian guy. Lindsay Lohan is so scared of her dad that she’s taken an order of protection out on him like her mom and sister have.

Warren Buffett says he never should have let his late wife get away from him by doing things like openly courting Katharine Graham. Anthony Cumia from “Opie and Anthony” said on his radio show that Jill Nicolini left him because she found him in bed with another woman who turned out to be part of an online porn site. Damien Hirst bought fellow artist Jonathan Yeo’s portrait of Paris Hilton collaged from porn magazines. And wacky Sacha Baron Cohen tried to crash the Versace show in Milan done up in his fashion-obsessed “Bruno” character for an upcoming movie.

Is McCain Just Too Tired to Do the Debate?