James Franco Gets His Pick of Columbia Freshmen

Alec Baldwin screamed at a limo driver after a near-collision leaving the U.S. Open. James Franco, who’s doing Columbia’s master’s writing program, was mobbed on campus by squealing undergrad girls. (And honey, we’d have been leading the pack.) Star Jones reached a last-minute divorce settlement with ex-hub Al Reynolds in which he gets “basically nothing.” Jeremy Piven wants to move into the West 19th Street pad being evacuated by hockey star Sean Avery, whose Vogue internship is inspiring a romantic comedy. Kathleen Turner ate a hot dog and read a script on Pier 1 at 70th and Riverside.

The Catholic Church is angry at a new book that tells couples to have sex in confessional booths. Google mogul Sergey Brin didn’t get Nina Garcia’s memo that grown-ups should never wear Crocs, because he wore them at the U.S. Open. Kelly Osbourne finally seems to have a boyfriend and is making out with him everywhere. Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis made out all night with his new girlfriend even though his old one, model Heather Christie, just birthed his son. Sean Hannity wants to stay out of “Page Six,” but he didn’t today.

Obama told George Stephanopoulos on TV that he had to sign up for Selective Service when he graduated high school in 1979, but you actually didn’t have to sign up at that time, so was he lying or just having a brain fudge? A new political group called WomenCount will defend Sarah Palin against smears because she’s a woman, not because they like her. J. Lo may be the celeb judge on the Project Runway finale. Victoria Beckham has a 1967 Mia Farrow–type hairdo. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren competed with Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy to be the cutest couple at the Prada party.

Oprah Winfrey’s mom (who gave her up), Vernita Lee, is being sued by a Wisconsin boutique for $156,000 it says she owes. Mary-Kate Olsen demanded to sit between Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford and Jessica Szohr at the Rock & Republic fashion show. Minnie Driver had a nine-pound, twelve-ounce baby boy.

James Franco Gets His Pick of Columbia Freshmen