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Obama Briefly Pushed Around by Bill O’Reilly

In case you missed it while you were buying three cases of beer to prepare for your “How Many Times Can Republicans Say the Word ‘Maverick’?” drinking game last night, above is the first segment of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama. More will come next week, but the first part is telling. Things that we immediately noticed:

• Bill O’Reilly says the words “I think” more than any person calling himself a journalist that we’ve seen interview one of the candidates.
• Obama starts the conversation a little slowly and nervously, which could be worrisome for his supporters who are wary of the upcoming one-on-one debate with McCain.
• But the minute Bill O’Reilly begins to become belligerent and tries to bully Obama, the candidate finds his footing and adeptly fights back. Mitt Romney could never marshal this kind of defense when debating McCain, which is why the Arizona senator made mincemeat of him.
• Bill O’Reilly, unlike his foe Jon Stewart, is a tough interviewer no matter who he’s talking to. This makes Campbell Brown’s polite persistence with Tucker Bounds a tea party.
• Yeah, Obama’s gray hair totally does look real, you guys.

How do you think Obama did?

The O’Reilly Factor [Fox News]

Obama Briefly Pushed Around by Bill O’Reilly