P. Diddy’s Mom Knows Her Way Around a Stripper Pole

Photo: Getty Images

Diddy’s mom Janice Combs demonstrated proper technique on a stripper pole at a Fashion Week casting call. Helen Mirren used to love coke (although not too much, just a little) and also was date raped, but not in a violent way. Donald Trump’s biographer e-mailed Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger that Trump (who is suing O’Brien for calling him a millionaire, not a billionaire) was “likable — in the way that endearing but out-of-control 8-year-olds are likable.” (Ouch, lethal.) Carla Katz, the ex–union prez who had an affair with New Jersey Guv Corzine, is writing a “book on power.” Dusty Springfield, the singer who died in 1999, hid her lesbianism for years but loosened up about it near death.

Jon Voight was at the RNC to flack for the new Michael Moore–parody movie he’s in. John Legend and model Christy Tiegen could barely keep their hands off each other at a Soho party the other night. Sony Music head Rolf Schmidt Holtz is negotiating a new contract worth $50 million even though he passed on the Jonas Brothers and Katy Perry. Pro-choice Margaret Cho may protest at the RNC.

While Cameron Diaz tried on a Stella McCartney dress at Intermix, her boyfriend Paul Sculfor looked out the window at the front of the store. (What a regular guy!) The sister of The Hills’ Heidi Montag is now assistant to Girls Gone Wild guy Joe Francis since he was released from jail in March.

Peggy Noonan and Joe Scarborough told Cindy Adams at the RNC how much they like Ambien. Walter Winchell may have written Marilyn Monroe while she was in a psych hospital telling her to snap out of it so they could go hiking together. Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa reveals violent past relationships in a new book. Tiger Woods and his wife are expecting a second child. Jon Bon Jovi is helping to build housing for homeless people in Newark.

Eva Longoria skipped the booze and raw fish in Vegas on Labor Day, fueling pregnancy rumors. An Amagansett librarian muttered a funny Beatles pun about Paul McCartney when he came into the library there with daughter Beatrice. John Ashcroft says that Christ would’ve blessed the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo and that it’s right for old ladies to be frisked at airports. And Brian Wilson hears voices that tell him he’s terrible and going to die.

P. Diddy’s Mom Knows Her Way Around a Stripper Pole