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Peaches Geldof on Married Life

Ah, young love. Intel ran into newlyweds Peaches Geldof,19, and Max Drummey, 23, at the V magazine party at Chelsea’s Mini Rooftop space the other night. What advice did the British party-girl-cum-reality-TV-star and her indie-rocker hubby have to share? Fools, rush in.

So, I see you have each other’s names tattooed on your hands.

Max: We got them before we met each other.

Peaches: No, we already had the tattoos because we were obsessed with each other.

So where was the wedding?

Peaches: We got married in the Little White Wedding Chapel in Nevada, Texas. No, Nevada, Las Vegas! Las Vegas, Nevada!

Max: Oh, this is a terrible interview.

Who was there? Did you have a witness?

Peaches: No, some dude, like, sitting in!

Max: It was a public witness. Apparently he made fun of me later, when interviewed. He said I didn’t look very intelligent. He said I looked dumb.

Peaches: It was front page of all of the English press for, like, four weeks. I had to leave England because of the press.

How did the tabloids find out?

Max: They were, like, hounding people.

Peaches: : Yeah, they were vitriolic! They were, like, psycho-ed out. But we got married because we were truly in love. And they wrote that we were dating because of a green card. I didn’t even know what a fucking green card was! I didn’t want to move here! I just moved here because I’m in love with this fucking loser! He gave me his family’s heirloom. This is his mother’s ring. I know, it’s pretty bling, right? And I’m really happy, and I’m happy I got married.

And when did you two tie the knot?

Peaches: Two months ago, right?

Max: No, one month.

Did you do a honeymoon?

Peaches: No, because we didn’t need to.

Max: Our life is a honeymoon.

Peaches: People who have honeymoons are people who need to have a solidarity together, who need to sort of prove to themselves that they can handle it. But we just already knew. We already had tattoos! He was, like, my best friend.

Any words of wisdom for other young lovers out there?

Peaches: Party hard and get married, because it’s obviously a good thing.

Peaches Geldof on Married Life