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Raffaello Follieri Wooed McCain, Too


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The Daily News’ George Rush caught up with Anne Hathaway at the Democratic National Convention last week in Denver, and since everybody was so focused on politics or something, he was the only person to ask her about her accused-felon ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. And Hathaway rewarded him with a comment, of sorts! He asked her whether she was wary of getting involved in Democratic politics after she got burned for flying around with the Clintons and partying with politicos alongside Follieri. And she quite logically responded:

My life didn’t begin when my relationship [with Raffaello] began,” she told us. “I come from a middle-class Democratic family. I’ve had strong ties with the Clintons since they were elected.”

That’s right! She’s been a believer in liberal dynastic rule ever since the first Princess Diaries.

But Rush & Molloy’s item buries another piece of political news. For all his hobnobbing with the Clintons, Follieri has ties to McCain as well. Shortly after he entertained the Republican candidate on a rented yacht in Europe in 2006, he hired the lobbying firm Davis Manafort for his Catholic Church business initiative. The company was founded by top McCain adviser Rick Davis.

Any kind of relationship with a con artist is bad for a presidential candidate. But we’re guessing that McCain will survive this. If Anne Hathaway can, we figure he’s got at least a 50/50 shot.

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Raffaello Follieri Wooed McCain, Too