Son to Richard Meier: You’re Gay and You Institutionalized Me for Telling You

Starchitect Richard Meier’s son says that dad put him in a mental hospital and tried to disinherit him for “discovering” that Meier is gay … and it’s all playing out so publicly you’d think they lived in a glass house. Lazarides, the big London art gallery, will have a show in the East Village, but anti-gentrification activists don’t want it there because all the artists in the show are “rich.” Anna Wintour had better watch her bob about rumors that Russian Vogue editor Aliona Doletskaya might succeed her.

Drew Barrymore has been trading food particles not only with Ed Westwick but also with some waiter at the Spotted Pig, people say. Renée Zellweger wears Duane Reade false eyelashes, had her Hamptons house almost collapse on her, and is “always learning something,” she told Cindy Adams in a completely spontaneous, intimate, and unguarded chat at Michael’s. Speaking of Cindy, residents of the rich town that George and Laura are moving to after the White House are coming after her because she miswrote that the town has mountains, and Cindy is so over their huffiness.

Alec Baldwin really wants to work with Spielberg. David Blaine took breaks toward the end of his 60-hour hang over Wollman Rink, then got boos at the end when he floated away attached to giant balloons. Laura Bush was startled when former sister-in-law and current Bush clan tell-all writer Sharon Bush dropped by her table at Michael’s, but quickly reclaimed the placid kabuki mask America has come to know and love.

McCain spent $5,583 on an American Idol makeup artist. Joan and Melissa Rivers’s Emmy coverage was banned from AOL because Joan called Heidi Klum a “Super Nazi” and said that Julia Louis-Dreyfus grows a Hitler mustache if she doesn’t wax it regularly. (Rivers then likened AOL to the Holocaust deniers, naturally.) Lindsay and Sam told Tina Fey they loved her Sarah Palin impersonation. Amy Winehouse’s husband doesn’t wanna go to rehab so he’ll finish out his jail term instead. New mom Nicole Kidman says she got pregnant at 41 because she swam in a special fertility-inducing waterfall in Australia. The things you tell yourself, Nicole.

Son to Richard Meier: You’re Gay and You Institutionalized Me for Telling You