Spike Jonze and Michelle Williams Kiss With Food in Their Mouths

Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze nibbled on chicken and each other at the Farm on Adderley in Brooklyn’s Ditmas Park. Augusten Burroughs rudely spilled the title of David Rakoff’s next book at a Housing Works books event. New York society-type couple Brooke Hayward and Peter Duchin are separating after 23 years of marriage. A bunch of powerful people came by Liz Smith’s table at Michael’s while New York’s Jonathan Van Meter interviewed her to find out if she was still powerful. Christy Turlington and Chelsea Clinton are starting master’s programs at Columbia.

Playboy turned dad-to-be Fabian Basabe is opening a restaurant in Florida. Ann Curry supposedly told a lady “Don’t mess with me!” while shoving her way through the RNC crowd during the national anthem. Britney Spears is furious with mom Lynne’s tell-all about her but still appears to be staying sober. NBC brass supposedly banned Girls Gone Wild creep Joe Francis from Celebrity Apprentice. O.J. Simpson, who goes on trial today in Vegas on kidnapping and armed-robbery charges, said he couldn’t go to a South Beach club without people foisting drugs on him.

Fashion photographer Mario Testino and model Justin Kern are a new power duo. Folks from TMZ.com staking out Katie Holmes tried to deflect rival paparazzi by saying they were waiting for “just Lydia Hearst.” Kerry Kennedy has a new book interviewing famous Catholics like herself, and also thinks Catholics will vote for Obama. Sarah Palin had to have the word “nuclear” spelled out phonetically for her on the RNC TelePrompTer so she wouldn’t pronounce it “nucular” like Bush does. Uma Thurman and fiancé Arki Busson may be expecting a baby.

Heather Mills is a liar and a big bitch, says her former publicist, adding that Mills secretly taped a phone convo where Mills’s ex-hub Paul McCartney and his daughter Stella made fun of Mills for having only one leg. (Which we know is wrong, but the thought of Paul and Stella laughing about it kind of makes us laugh, in a sick way.) Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson sat up front together at sister Charlotte Ronson’s fashion show. Robert De Niro’s London outposts of Nobu have been serving an endangered tuna. Gary Coleman hit a fan with his truck after the fan snapped pics of him at a Utah bowling alley. (Diff’rent Strikes? Hahahaha!) Beyoncé finally flashed a big, fat wedding ring at a tribute to soul singer Etta James, but unfortunately while looking silly in what looks like an Etta James–type wig.

Spike Jonze and Michelle Williams Kiss With Food in Their Mouths