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Ben Stiller Is Moving Back in With His Parents

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• Ben Stiller just threw down $10 million for a Riverside Drive co-op that’s in the same building his parents have lived in for years. Enjoy, Christine Taylor! [NYO]

• Nautica founder David Chu is moving into 15 Central Park West. He paid $2.94 million for a two-bedroom condo. [Real Deal]

• Elsewhere on the Upper West Side, Lincoln Center is undergoing a three-year makeover, which is causing problems for show-goers. “I always tell people, ‘Allow 15 minutes for picking up at the box office and 15 minutes to get lost,’” said Bernard Gersten, the executive producer of Lincoln Center Theater. [NYT]

• More on the record $48.9-million condo sale at 1060 Fifth Avenue. [NYO]

• Stephen Schwarzman and Pete Peterson have fallen off Vanity Fair’s “New Establishment” list, along with other private-equity honchos. Do they care? We’re going with no — they probably have bigger problems. [Vanity Fair via DealBook/NYT]
• More bad news: Ospraie Management is closing its flagship hedge fund after it fell 27 percent in August. This could spell more trouble for Lehman Brothers, which took a 20 percent stake in the fund in 2005. [NYT]
• More than 200 hedge funds have shut down this year, but some funds are going on a hiring spree, scooping up talent left behind. Portfolio thinks you can work this to your advantage. [Bloomberg]

• Barack Obama sat down with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, along with Rupert Murdoch, to discuss how the station was portraying him. “I just wanted to know if I’m going to get a fair shake from Fox News Channel,” Ailes recalled Obama saying. [WP]
• Meanwhile, are news agencies “on a mission to destroy” Alaska governor Sarah Palin? [WP]
WSJ managing editor Robert Thomson is not ashamed of his company’s new magazine. Unlike, he implied, some people. “I can think of a newspaper in New York that regards its glossy magazine as something of a house of ill repute,” he said this morning. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]
• “Newspapers are not going anywhere. Advertising revenue may be in decline, but publishing newspapers is still a very profitable business and we intend to keep our presses running for a long time to come,” says Vivian Schiller, a top exec. [NYT]

• Lawyers should watch what they store on their computers: Prosecutors can now review all computer records seized from the office of a criminal-defense lawyer, even if it means looking at the files of clients who were not targets of the search. []
• How thoroughly did John McCain’s O’Melveny & Myers lawyers vet Sarah Palin? “Google and LexisNexis searches make these things a lot easier than they used to be,” says one Beltway lawyer, who appraised vice-presidential picks in past elections. “But you would think they would have gone through all the clips surrounding [Palin], and they would have gone out and interviewed people, particularly in the Alaska legislature, which it sounds like they might not have done.” []
• Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski and ex–financial chief Mark Swartz, who have spent the past three years in jail for embezzlement, are asking the New York State Court of Appeals to throw out their convictions, saying a jury had “insufficient evidence” when it found them guilty. What about the $6,000 shower curtain? [Reuters]

Ben Stiller Is Moving Back in With His Parents