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The Private Life of Jacob Weisberg, Part II

Slate editor Jacob Weisberg and his wife, Domino editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman, give an interview to Fashion Week Daily today, which is basically like the media-world equivalent of a joint Brad Pitt–Angelina Jolie interview. (Or maybe Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgard?) A few weeks ago, we joked that we’d gleaned enough information about life chez Needleberg from the Domino editor’s letter to have a pretty complete picture of their lives, but we didn’t think their lives would be exactly like we imagined. In fact, it’s kind of spooky. Below, a sample:

FWD: How do you spend your Sunday mornings?

JW: I negotiate with the children over whether to watch Stephanopoulos or SpongeBob, while Deborah snoozes.

FWD: What’s [Deborah’s] morning and evening reading routine?

JW: It’s usually the metaphysical poets in the morning and a bit of Chekhov after the kids are asleep, but sometimes she flips it. Also, Slate.

They also note that Malcolm Gladwell introduced them, which is just too much. It’s almost like they’re imagining what their life must be like, and that they can see into our heads through the computer machine. Whoa. We have to rest. If anyone needs us, we’ll be at our Saarinen table reading Pushkin while simultaneously paying close attention to C-SPAN.

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The Private Life of Jacob Weisberg, Part II