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The Vivica A. Fox Guide to Being a Cougar

When we saw 44-year-old Vivica A. Fox — who looked smashing — at last night’s presentation of Elie Tahari’s spring ‘09 collection, we had to ask her something. See, on her Wikipedia page it says she’s an avowed cougar, and we wanted to know all about it. After all, it’s so hot right now, even Gossip Girl is doing it!

I am a woman in my forties that the younger guys have a tendency to be attracted to,” she explained. “I’m like, as long as I can breast-feed ‘em, cool.”

When you think about it, that’s way less gross than the male equivalent of that phrase. Vivica offered up a checklist of tips for pre-cougars who too can look forward to someday walking the red carpet in an insanely tight and revealing dress on the arm of a younger man.

Make sure you work out. Make sure you get microdermabrasion, especially once you get over 40 with that sun and skin damage. And definitely have a great bank account! See, I’m a cougar that likes a young buck that’s got the same bank account that I do. I’m not doing any sponsorship programs. I don’t do sugar mama. I’m not taking care of anybody, I want somebody to take care of me! Or at least meet me halfway!”

Get that?

The Vivica A. Fox Guide to Being a Cougar