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Warren Buffett’s Brain Food

Warren Buffett. Philanthropist. Genius. The world’s wealthiest man. So prescient that he has earned the nickname the Oracle of Omaha. What fuels this powerful mind, and can we get some? Today’s Wall Street Journal on Buffett’s recent investment in Goldman Sachs, which is heavy on the details, thanks to crackerjack reporter Kate Kelly no doubt, might just reveal the secret to Buffett’s success: Snacks.

On Tuesday, Mr. Buffett says, he was sitting with his feet on his desk in Omaha, drinking a Cherry Coke and munching on mixed nuts, when he got an unusually candid call from a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. investment banker. Tell us what kind of investment you’d consider making in Goldman, the banker urged him, and the firm would try to hammer out a deal.

That, the Journal tells us, was midday. Later that evening:

Mr. Buffett left his office at 7 p.m. and spent the evening reading the newspapers and “nibbling” on Cheetos and licorice pastel candies. He says Mr. Trott “called me once or twice to tell me what was going on with the equity offering.” Mr. Buffett was asleep by 10:30 p.m.

And there you have it, the official Warren Buffett Diet: Consume a steady stream of junk food in small quantities. Go to bed early. Wake up rich.

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Warren Buffett’s Brain Food