We’re Sorry, But This Is Bullshit

OH MY EFFING GOD. We just came across some seriously upsetting news in Women’s Wear Daily, regarding a new partnership In Style has with Gossip Girl:

Editor at large Ariel Foxman and assistant managing editor Honor Brodie will have cameos in the Oct. 27 episode. Foxman and Brodie play themselves and attend a housewarming party at the home of fictional characters Lily van der Woodsen and Chuck Bass.

W.T.F. According to WWD, “In Style has been ‘Gossip Girl’ obsessed since the first season.” AND YET: The same article reveals that Foxman had never even seen an episode until the weekend before he shot his scene.

I spent an entire beautiful, sunny weekend indoors watching the DVD of the first season with a friend over [Labor Day] weekend. I practiced my one line with my family members. The day of my shoot, my dad called and left the line on my cell phone. I don’t think he’s ever seen the show,” he said.

OUTRAGE. So what if In Style is providing a full-on advertorial spread on their Website by covering the party as a “real” event, with “coverage of the set’s wares, which includes pieces from Ralph Lauren and ABC Carpet & Home.” Intel Chris has been on South Beach Phase One all year in hopes of Getting The Call, and Intel Jessica has had so many pounds of hair extensions sewn onto her scalp that she can barely move her head around anymore. If ANYONE is going compromise their editorial integrity for an invitation to Lily and BART Bass’s family home (BART! Not Chuck, WWD), it should be US, goddamn it.


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We’re Sorry, But This Is Bullshit