Will We Finally Get Answers From Mary-Kate About Heath Ledger?

When villians are too big and too powerful for domestic legal systems to handle, they are sent to Holland to answer for their crimes: Milosevic. Karadzic. Taylor. Now, the Dutch are coming after Mary-Kate Olsen. Specifically, Dutch life-insurance company ReliaStar, the company that held a $10 million life insurance policy for Heath Ledger. Ledger’s death was ruled accidental here, but ReliaStar, like the rest of the world, thinks that is a crock of scheisse, and they’re holding off on a payout to Ledger’s daughter Matilda until they can depose Mary-Kate Olsen, who for reasons still unknown was called by Ledger’s masseuse after said masseuse discovered his body, and who subsequently dispatched a team of private bodyguards rather than calling 911. Matilda’s lawyers have filed a suit against ReliaStar, saying they’re acting in bad faith and wrongfully snooping.

Olsen has managed to evade all inquiries into her role in Ledger’s death thus far; which is not only personally vexing to us, but feels overall unseemly.

So the Dutch should do what they think they need to do: Send her to the Hague or whatever, just have her tell the damn story. It probably won’t even be nearly as interesting as we’ve built it up to be in our minds, but we should at least get to hear it when MK is still relatively young and relatively pretty and we’re still relatively interested, rather than when she’s old and wrinkly and we no longer care anymore. Then Matilda can get her money, and the world can at last leave Mary-Kate alone.


Will We Finally Get Answers From Mary-Kate About Heath Ledger?