50 Cent and Bette Midler to Be in Same Place at Same Time

Bill Simmons and Rick Reilly.

Sarah Palin checked into her hotel as “Tina” when she came to town to do SNL. (She’s also been getting media training from the woman who trains the news biggies at ABC and CBS.) Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo, apparently getting married after all, made out between food bites at Waverly Inn. Sirio Maccioni is looking for a new chef at Le Cirque now that Christophe Bellanca has left. Fergie (the duchess) dropped everything and jetted in from London for a fund-raiser honoring Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick because he gave her office space when her marriage to Prince Andrew tanked. Lydia Hearst thinks her family’s media empire is being too frivolous and party-throwing during the economic meltdown.

Keira Knightley hides from paparazzi in the DKNY store between takes of Last Night, which she’s shooting in Soho. 50 Cent and Bette Midler will be side by side to dedicate a garden Fitty funded in his old Queens neighborhood, and will sing “I Got You Babe” together. Haha, no. Well, maybe. We’ll see. Bravo is using legal muscle to delay Project Runway’s move to Lifetime, possibly long enough to follow the launch of Bravo’s own Runway clone show. Also, Runway winner Leanne is moving to New York from Oregon. Al Pacino grumbles about long hours on the set but still stays up partying. Angelina Jolie says she may quit acting because she doesn’t have her old ambition, but she’s also braver than she used to be and not as angry, you know, cutting herself all the time, and also not as restless as she always was because she and Brad drag the kids around the world these days. Sounds like you’re evolving, Ange!

Heather Mills has already spent a third of the $48 million divorce settlement she got from Paul McCartney in March, and also notes that Yoko Ono had a lot of haters, too. Cindy Adams writes a nice homage to Liz Taylor and also lists just about every illness Liz has ever had, including scoliosis. Cindy also philosophizes on the difference between dogs and cats. The Star tabloid says that Guy Ritchie says that sleeping next to Madonna was nasty because she wraps herself in moisturizer goo and then plastic. Katie Holmes should stop designing her own clothes, 87 percent of Us readers said. Chace Crawford has “zero taste” in women and dates below-average-looking ones, says someone on the inside.

Rachael Ray says that John McCain was militant with the cooking when he came on her show, and also that she was polite to him though she’s a Democrat. Frederic Fekkai is having a big 50th-birthday bash all over Italy. Britney has written a song for Adnan Ghalib called “Papi.” Why? Because that’s what she calls him.

50 Cent and Bette Midler to Be in Same Place at Same Time