A-Rod Moving to 15 Central Park West to Be Near Madonna?

Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus.

Late yesterday, the London Daily Mail reported that Alex Rodriguez was planning on buying an apartment within two blocks of Madonna’s Upper West Side pad. The paper ran a picture of 15 Central Park West along with the story, probably not knowing that it is the Most Important Condo Tower in New York City Right Now. So George Rush over at the Daily News called over to, you know, check the story. The Mail supposed that A-Rod was looking at one of the four-bedroom penthouses, which is priced at $80 million. But while Rush hears that Rodriguez is “looking aggressively” at the building, real-estate records show no apartments that size have gone into contract or closed recently, and the Yankee slugger is probably looking at “several cheaper condos.”

A-Rod’s old Trump Park Avenue apartment has been on the market for a month, for $14 million. Apparently the place held too many memories of his wife, Cynthia. And Madonna recently expanded her own Central Park West pad. Thusly, one of the great celebrity scandals of 2008 slowly morphs, like all other great New York love sagas, into just another story about real estate.

Alex Rodriguez set to buy $80 million pad in Madonna’s neighborhood [NYDN]
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A-Rod Moving to 15 Central Park West to Be Near Madonna?