Anti-Scientology People Are Going to Boo Katie Holmes Outside the Theater Next Week

Katie Holmes is going to be booed by anti-Scientology critics outside the Schoenfeld Theater when she opens there Tuesday in All My Sons. (Also, Bill Maher doesn’t think Scientology’s ideas are that crazy compared to Judeo-Christianity.) Diddy bopped at Madonna’s show at the Garden Tuesday. Lucie Arnaz called ahead to a cabaret place in Staten Island to tell them to have a martini or two ready for her.

LL Cool J seems to say that he loves street hot dogs even though the hot-dog guy may be scratching or pulling at his underwear (his own, not LL’s) while making it. NYU ran out of toilet paper and trash bags in the dorm that used to be the club Palladium. Graydon Carter, newly anointed CNN-reporter-who-opines Campbell Brown, Frank Rich, Peggy Noonan, and others will yak at a Time election roundtable at Time Warner HQ next week. Tyson Beckford tried to score with model Noémie Lenoir at Megu’s new club M, but he didn’t.

Swedish pop singer Robyn said she was told not to approach, talk to, or take pictures of Madonna in return for the privilege of opening some European dates for her. She was also not allowed to think about Madonna, or even try not to think about her. Cindy Adams confirms rumors that Sarah Palin will go on SNL October 25, and apparently is psyched to do so. Also, her sister says their dad used to make Sarah hold the moose eyeballs when they all went hunting. Cindy also interviews the memorabilia guy who was involved in that whole O.J. thing and also calls O.J. a scumbag pig. She also says that people say that McCain should appoint a panel of financial experts like Bloomberg to resuscitate his campaign. Cindy also had to make an emergency call to her dentist after she blew out her front tooth on a bone in the lamb curry her maid, Nazalene, made for her during the presidential debate. And writing about it is such a passive-aggressive way to get back at Nazalene, don’t you think, even though Naz has been her maid for eleven years?

Tucker Carlson builds a cabin in his head to help get him to sleep. Britney says she doesn’t know what she was thinking acting crazy the past few years, and also maybe is a little worried because an ex of hers has a sex tape of her wearing only a pink wig. Mickey Rourke cut his forehead for his performance in The Wrestler because he heard that real wrestlers sometimes do that. Ex-gay-porn-kingpin Terrence Bean has raised $50,000 to $100,000 for Obama.

Anti-Scientology People Are Going to Boo Katie Holmes Outside the Theater Next Week