Billy Joel Self-Pops Cherry for Obama

Wood-paneling, too?!?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are supposedly planning a wedding reception at Tavern on the Green. Mad Men’s John Slattery slagged off on Robert De Niro and Al Pacino while eating lunch at Pastis. Ed McMahon was in town to promote his new TV spot for FreeCreditReport.com, and while here ate at the Landmarc restaurant and requested that Dolly’s “9 to 5” be played again. Ed Westwick was apparently saying Chuck Bass–type lewd things to a girl at Thompson LES who finally told him to shut up. Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen raised $7 million for Obama Thursday performing together, but decided not to do Joel’s “Christmas in Fallujah” because it might cause political blowback on O. (Joel, coming out publicly for O., also said, “I’m popping my cherry with this endorsement,” which is so not an image we can handle on a Monday morning.)

When a moderator asked 200 New York–area Republicans at a James Carville–Karl Rove debate to raise their hands if they were comfortable with the idea of Sarah Palin as president, only one raised his hand. Katie Holmes’s parents were warm and friendly to Cindy Adams at Katie’s Broadway show All My Sons, but Tom Cruise and his mom came and went kind of secretly and didn’t schmooze with Cindy, who also goes on and on about a new Animal Planet show about a couple that lives with a pack of wolves. Liza Minnelli is working on a show about her godmother, Kay Thompson, who wrote the Eloise books and also sang “Think Pink” in Funny Face, Liz Smith writes. Lindsay and Sam fought quietly all the way to D.C. on the Acela, with Lindsay saying, “Don’t [swear word] lie to me.”

Mark Wahlberg had a veggie burger at Liquiteria. Marquee and 1Oak D.J. PS1 says he’s been hit on by Britney, and is also very cute, with great hair. Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman made out at Spitzer’s Corner on the LES. Rachel Zoe has helped spike sales at Chelsea Girl Vintage in Soho by mentioning the boutique on her reality show. Michael Phelps loves Patsy’s Pizza and also loves his bulldog Herman. Billy Baldwin is a great kisser, says transsexual Candis Cayne. Mary-Kate Olsen left a fat tip on the table at Bottino, but somebody at her table also left a wad of gum.

Madonna wants to have A-Rod’s baby, a UK paper says (lady, you’re 50!), and the father of the boy from Malawi whom Madonna and Guy Ritchie adopted thinks the boy might be better off back in Malawi than staying in a rich-celebrity broken home. If Harper’s Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey had been a judge on Project Runway, Kenley might’ve won over Leanne, because at a party Glenda talked admiringly to Kenley about her fifties style. Carrie Fisher writes that her ex-husband once told her she turned him gay. Pete Townsend says he relented and let Bill Maher use the Who song “The Seeker” in Maher’s movie Religulous, even though Townsend is spiritual and Maher is cynical. Jenna Jameson shows off her baby bump and lacy panties on MySpace. Designer and longtime bitchy fashion critic Mr. Blackwell is dead at 86.

Billy Joel Self-Pops Cherry for Obama