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Brownstone Viciously Attacked by Gang of Anonymous Hipsters

Poor Luis Fernandez. The neuroradiologist was distressed when his four-story Fort Greene brownstone, which was listed for $2.4 million, was attacked by the vicious anonymous house-hazers on Brownstoner. The usually measured dudes who run the blog set the tone when they called it “McMansion chic,” and then the commenters went wild, calling the black-granite bathroom and track lighting “cheesy” and “grandma.” “Tony Soprano was consulted on this one,” sniffed one.

Fernandez tried to make himself feel better: “They’re probably hipsters — people who live really grungy,” he told The Wall Street Journal today. And anyway, it wasn’t like he’d picked the furniture. “I didn’t really want to buy it — that was my wife — but that’s another subject.”

But Fernandez has bigger problems than mean commenters and his wife’s crap decorating taste, as a paragraph further down indicates.

Dr. Fernandez also notes that a smaller house in the neighborhood recently sold for more and scoffs at the notion that he ruined the character with his renovations. Still, he says his five-year-old son was thrilled to see it on the computer.

Watch out, dude. Everyone know the harshest commenters were the ones who grew up under track lighting.

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Brownstone Viciously Attacked by Gang of Anonymous Hipsters