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By the Numbers: Phillies Humiliate Mets

Okay, girl. You need some rest.

On January 23, 2007, Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins famously proclaimed that Philadelphia was “the team to beat in the NL East.” This was an oft-mocked statement at the time. The Mets had just come within one pitch of reaching the World Series, and the Phillies hadn’t made the playoffs in fourteen years. It was a strange, gutsy thing to say, and most people figured he couldn’t possibly be serious.

After last night’s Philadelphia National League Championship Series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, Rollins’s prediction looked pretty wise. In fact, when you compare what has happened to the two franchises since then, it’s even more depressing for Mets fans.

Since January 23, 2007, by the numbers:

World Series Appearances
Phillies: 1
Mets: 0

Phillies: 188
Mets: 177

NL East Titles
Phillies: 2
Mets: 0

Postseason Victories
Phillies: 7 (and counting)
Mets: 0

MVP Awards
Phillies: 1 (and counting)
Mets: 0

Fired Managers
Phillies: 0
Mets: 1

Phillies: $98,269,881
Mets: $138,293,378

By the Numbers: Phillies Humiliate Mets