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‘Christian Science Monitor’ Ceases Publication, Keeps Pushing Print Edition

Obama nailing it down in Pennsylvania today.

Today the Christian Science Monitor announced that after 100 years of continuous publication, it would cease its print operations and go online only in April. The seven-time Pulitzer Prize–winning publication made the move in order to keep its eight foreign bureaus open and still lower costs. It’s being heralded as a “new model” for journalism, as the publication’s circulation has been on a steady decline since 1970, but its influence has remained outsize.

The paper is owned by the Church of Christ, Scientist, whose ideology when it comes to human health and well-being is famously faith-based and optimistic (okay, that’s an understatement). Which is why we guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Website for the Monitor still bears an upbeat ad boasting an offer for “32 Issues, RISK FREE.” Mmmm. What if you get seduced by the insightful writing and unique international reporting, and you want to continue subscribing? Withdrawal symptoms are a risk, you know!

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‘Christian Science Monitor’ Ceases Publication, Keeps Pushing Print Edition