Elizabeth and John Edwards Living Separately

“See you next year… maybe.”

Carol Alt maybe faked tears on the witness stand in her case arguing that her ex, Ron Greschner, owed her money, but lost the case anyway. After Elizabeth Edwards showed up at an event yesterday without her wedding ring, a source says John and she have separated. Tyson Beckford declined to meet Julianne Moore at an event because he didn’t want her husband to be jealous of his staggering rock-hard man-looks. Heidi Klum will host a Halloween party at 1Oak tomorrow night. Mark Ronson ate three brownies at P. Diddy’s White Party before D.J.’ing there without knowing they were hash brownies. Oh, boy, wish we’d been there to hear that craziness! Jeanine Pirro has a pig with his own little cottage on her Westchester estate.

Entertainment lawyer L. Londell McMillan is the new owner of hip-hop magazine The Source, and wants to make it respected and relevant again. Jon Bon Jovi and his wife came to Lure Fishbar for dinner, followed by Bloomberg and Diana Taylor. Jane Krakowski told everybody at a party how much she loves Gossip Girl … just as Penn Badgley walked in! Crazy timing! Graydon Carter modestly declined being part of a mural at his Waverly Inn that included Walt Whitman, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin. Clockers author Richard Price and his wife, artist Judy Hudson, are separating. Barbara Corcoran jumped into Tiki Barber’s arms and told him she wanted him for his body, not his brains.

Joe Eszterhas tells Cindy Adams (whose syntax gets ever stranger) that he’s into God now, but still writing screenplays from Ohio. Liz Smith went to Hollywood’s diabetes gala, the Carousel Ball, with every celeb in the history of time. We feel like we read this exact same item the other day on Beth Ostrosky pigging out and being too tired for sex with new hub Howard Stern as she trains for the New York Marathon. American Idol may block a homeless kid who didn’t make the show’s top 24 from recording an album on a label other than Sony/BMG, which has a deal with the show. Former James Bonds Sean Connery and Roger Moore both have memoirs coming out. The man suspected of killing Jennifer Hudson’s mom, brother, and nephew was nearly thrown in jail months ago after a cocaine rock was found in his car.

Elizabeth and John Edwards Living Separately