Grandma Awesome: The Mystery Deepens

Marbury, in his totally unimportant role as a professional basketball player.

This morning’s Post carries another freaky fact about Grandma Awesome, the 76-year-old woman who got caught shoving an undercover policeman’s wallet in her bra this week, who has been convicted of theft more than 30 times but under so many aliases that no one, not even her ex-partner, knows her real name: She has no fingerprints. Whoa. The Post this morning put on a C.S.I. voice to explain how this could have come to pass:

To permanently eradicate fingerprints, it would take powerfully corrosive acids, a scorching flame, or even a crude form of plastic surgery.”

According to her lawyer, Mrs. Awesome is mulling an insanity defense. Probably because it’s the only way she won’t have to give up the Big Guy.

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Grandma Awesome: The Mystery Deepens