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Guy Wildenstein Trades Up

It’s bad enough that some other people in New York get to have stairs in their apartments. But twisty ones? We’re gonna hurl.

Over the weekend we learned that art-world mogul Guy Wildenstein had backed out of a marquee apartment in the newly renovated Plaza Hotel. Now we learn that he’s purchased one of the most spectacular, storied private residences in New York City. Wildenstein had put down $49.2 million on five separate apartments in the Plaza, which he is now putting back on the market. Now he’s plunked down $32.5 million on 7 Sutton Square, paying $7.5 million more than the asking price.

What does he get for all that money? Well, parking spaces on a private cobblestoned Upper East Side street, for one. But also 9,250 square feet of space, roof garden, gym, sauna, five bedrooms, and a spectacular view of the Queensboro Bridge (it looks nice at night, people). He also gets a bit of history: It and the rest of the remaining brownstones on Riverview Terrace were built in 1879, matching a set built down on Sutton Place. The townhouse is actually two homes that the previous owner, William Reilly, combined in 1998. He paid a total of $5.1 million for both properties, plus a couple million in renovations. (Nice flip, dude. That goes on our list!). Cityfile has pictures of the butt-puckering interiors and views.

We know the art bubble is basically the last one that hasn’t burst yet, but sometimes reminders like this are just too much to take.

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Guy Wildenstein Trades Up