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Internet Crush: Joel Moss Levinson

Mike D’Antoni’s Knicks, like Q-Tip, are hoping for a comeback after a decade or so of inactivity.

As we’ve said many times before, nothing gets our heart racing like a dude who lives by his wits and contests he’s won over the Internet. Actually, we’ve never said that before, or even thought it, but as it turns out, it is true! Today the Times introduced us to Joel Moss Levinson, a 28-year-old college dropout who has managed to make a living winning contests with amateur YouTube advertisements. Before he found his bliss, Joel had blazed through around 40 jobs, from night clerk at a 24-hour gym to door-to-door tree conservationist to comedy-club usher in Indianapolis, which is where he was working last year when he read that Planet Smoothie, a franchise based in Atlanta, was looking for someone to travel around the country in a foam costume as its “Cupman” mascot.

“When I read the description, it was like, ‘Actors, comics, musicians,’ — whatever,” Mr. Levinson said, “‘Would you be interested in traveling the country? Would you be interested in dressing like a giant smoothie?’ Well, on all of those fronts, kind of, yes.”

Swoon. We have placed the winning entry for this contest, which was conducted in song, after the jump.

To be honest, a life with Joel would probably be difficult. He’d always be trying to get you into a funny hat, and he probably wears those athletic socks with the stripes, and his Jewfro, mustache, and general personality all indicate that he’s probably prone to “acting out” in public. But we’ll always have the Internet.

Internet Crush: Joel Moss Levinson