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Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

It’s bad enough that some other people in New York get to have stairs in their apartments. But twisty ones? We’re gonna hurl.

Last night’s debate contained inaccuracies on the part of both vice-presidential candidates, as many media outlets have noted. But one rather spectacular gaffe from Delaware senator Joe Biden has gone unrecognized by the “mainstream media.” This morning’s News-Journal broke the shocking news, since picked up by the National Review:

During the debate, Joe Biden gave several Delaware shout-outs, including Wilmington’s Union Street…
Maybe, I heard this wrong, or misunderstood, but I think he mentioned Katie’s restaurant…
Wilmington used to have a Katie’s restaurant — way back in the day — and it was in Little Italy, as is Union Street, but I’m almost positive Katie’s wasn’t on Union Street.
And it hasn’t been Katie’s in, well, years. Maybe he said Kozy’s — as in Kozy Korner?

That’s right. There is no Katie’s. We don’t know about you, but for us this changes everything. How can we expect this man to represent the American people if he can’t get the name of a corner diner right? Clearly, this man is a danger to the American people. At least on the other side they are able to keep things like the names of foreign leaders and generals straight. Wait.

Joe Gives Delaware a Shout-Out [Delaware News-Journal]

Say It Ain’t So, Joe!