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McCain Vows to Take Joe the Plumber to Washington

I can’t quit you, JTP.

Joe the Plumber, the Texas Ohio plumber who rose to prominence when the McCain campaign seized on him as emblematic of Real American Values and who lately, after shopping a book proposal and hiring a PR team (Eddie Money’s PR team!), seems to be emblematic of American Opportunism, joined the Republican candidate at a rally in Defiance, Ohio yesterday. Sort of. There was kind of a snafu.

Oh. That was awkward. Apparently McCain’s staffers forgot to organize Joe the Plumber’s presence. We’re sure someone got their balls ripped off about that. But they managed to rustle him up for the next rally, in Sandusky, where McCain, awash in gratitude, gave him the shout-out to end all shout-outs: “I’m going to Washington and I’m going to bring Joe the Plumber with me,” he declared. Oh. Really? Like in a carrying case, like a toy Poodle? Or is he planning on offering him like, a Cabinet position? We guess he could serve as the Official White House Plumber… or head an Office of Real Americanism?

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McCain Vows to Take Joe the Plumber to Washington