Leighton Meester Is a Text Addict

Leighton Meester was furiously BlackBerry-ing at the party for her Gotham magazine cover. Chelsea Clinton bought two jars of peanut butter at Peanut Butter & Co. in the Village. Chef Anne Burrell laughed when a tray of presumably sticky liqueur cocktails was spilled all over a publicist. Howard Stern’s bachelor party at Nobu 57 was quiet, ended early, and had no strippers. James Bond guy Daniel Craig crashed a baptism in the Hamptons and ended up posing for pics with the baby. Jean-Georges Vongerichten will open a restaurant in the soon-to-reopen Mark Hotel on Madison.

Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen will play an Obama benefit at Hammerstein Ballroom October 16, the night after the last debate. The Shake Shack, Katie Lee Joel, Al Roker, Tom Colicchio, and Laurent Tourondel will compete in a best-burger contest October 10 hosted by Rachael Ray. Marian Seldes says maybe she’s too old to be excited by the fact that Daniel Radcliffe, in Equus, “dangles his dingle,” quoth Cindy Adams. Fox News made Jodi Applegate drop 30 pounds and have a makeover before they dropped her for Rosanna Scotto.

Beyoncé is kinda late with her next album because she’s been making so many movies and also because she and Justin Timberlake recorded their duet over and over again. Jermaine Dupri partied (but for a charitable cause) while girlfriend Janet Jackson was hospitalized with an unspecified illness. McCain is supposedly taking an herbal supplement to boost his memory and alertness before the debates. Sharon Stone was such an overreactive mother that she wanted to give her son Roan Botox injections for his smelly feet, a judge noted, denying Stone custody of her son.

Remember that e-mail that leaked where Scott Rudin was saying that Harvey Weinstein was pressuring a cancer-stricken Sydney Pollack to finish The Reader in time for Oscar season? And how Rudin denied the e-mail? Well, now Rudin’s basically saying it’s true. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC’s David Gregory are both under fire for reporting on the economic crisis when their spouses were or are involved in it. Rosanna Arquette says that Bette Davis predicted correctly to her that she couldn’t have both a film career and a love life. (It’s the love life she says she doesn’t have.)

The Ocean Drive mansion that Gianni Versace owned and was shot in front of in 1997 is now a restaurant/hotel. Jackie Kennedy used to serve a much cheaper wine for the second course of White House dinner and nobody knew the difference. And if you ever had a doubt about voting for Obama, it’s important to know that when he saw Leonard Nimoy in the crowd at a event, he gave him the Vulcan hand signal.

Leighton Meester Is a Text Addict