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Lydia Hearst on a Possible Anti-Hearst Agenda at the ‘Post’

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Earlier today, Guest of a Guest told us that Lydia Hearst had quit her job at Page Six Magazine over some comments about Hearst Corp. that she said were inserted into her column. (The October 24 column said: “People are getting tossed out of their homes and kids are losing college money. And yet on any given night, promoters are throwing heaps of events. Hearst Corporation, which my family owns, continues to host parties even as it folds magazines like CosmoGirl. From an objective point of view, it seems excessive.”)

That seemed fishy to us, but Lydia insisted that it was true.

Here’s what Lydia had to say to elaborate (apparently she sent a similar e-mail to Gawker):

I have always written my column, and as every writer I had an editor. People at the Post have recently been posing a lot a questions about the Hearst Corporation and the recent market crash. Hearst is a private company and I do not work for them, therefore have no comment regarding their business. Admittedly I was alarmed to discover that items had been added to the column regarding a Christmas party and the family company upon reading “Blood Dispute” in Friday’s NY Post. It comes down to a matter of character and integrity. If I wrote something I would stand behind it (as I have always done), but I now have to take the heat for something which was added to my work and that I did not write. I have no hard feelings toward anyone [at] the NY Post and I do not regret my decision to leave. I loved working with them and I will continue to read Page Six and their magazine, but it is time for me to move on. This was an amicable separation. Thank you

We believe Lydia. We contacted editors at Page Six Magazine for comment and they didn’t get back to us, but Lydia promptly did. Granted, she may have a little more time on her hands now, but still, how could editors of a weekly magazine possibly be as busy as an award-winning, world-renowned supermodel? Plus, hair like that does not lie.

Lydia Hearst Quits Page Six Magazine After Dispute Over Article [Guest of a Guest]

Lydia Hearst on a Possible Anti-Hearst Agenda at the ‘Post’