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Madonna, Come Home! New York Will Nurse Your Wounds

Okay, girl. You need some rest.

We’ve learned a little bit more about Madonna’s divorce this morning. Us Weekly thinks A-Rod has been a constant, romantic presence in her life since last spring, and that’s the reason it all fell apart. The Post reports that Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s combined fortunes are worth about $520 million, but that only about $35 million of that came from Ritchie’s film work. Though Madonna’s lawyer, Fiona Shackleton (who represented Prince Charles and Paul McCartney through their divorces), hopes that they will settle amicably out of court, the Daily News reports that Ritchie is going to go for the gold and attempt to get half of the fortune. Predictably, there’s no prenup.

Also up for grabs are their fantastic properties in New York, Beverly Hills, and London. To which we say to Madonna, give London to Guy and come home! You can even keep your ridiculous accent! Reports say that one of the problems between the couple was that Madonna wanted to raise the kids here, partially because her daughter Lourdes wanted to be nearer to her father, Carlos Leon, who lives in NYC. Yes! Madonna! Come back! Because even better than having the Material Mom here in New York would be having the Material Daughter. Lourdes — it’s your time!

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Madonna, Come Home! New York Will Nurse Your Wounds