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November 5: Post-Election Plans of Prominent Politics Bloggers

I can’t quit you, JTP.

The election is almost over, and if you think you’ll be relieved, imagine the political bloggers who’ve spent the last eighteen months dissecting everything from Obama’s flag pin to Mitt Romney’s Battlefield Earth obsession. If anyone (other than the candidates) deserves a vacation, it’s these guys. We asked prominent political bloggers from Marc Ambinder to Mark Steyn for their plans in the weeks after the election. Not surprisingly, many of them will still be blogging.

Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos
I’m beat, and will take it easy — by working “normal” eight-hour workdays. I may even start paying attention to my kids again. But while I may be able to scale back from sixteen-hour workdays, the election won’t be the culmination of our efforts, just a waypoint. We have a big year ahead of us, and will likely scale back up in short order in support of the Obama agenda.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, TheAtlantic.com

Depends on if Barry wins. If he takes the crown, I’ll talk to my son, pour me some Macallan, and then head to Paris Blues Bar to see how it’s playing uptown. Next day, I’ll search out the most important issue that I disagree with Obama on, and the war will begin anew. If he loses, I’m not moving to Canada — I’m moving to the South Side of Chicago. I fell in love with Barry’s stomping ground while covering him.

Mark Steyn, The National Review
Two days after the election, I’m going on the National Review post-election Caribbean cruise with Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and the rest of the gang. Obviously, we’re going to make Christopher Buckley walk the plank once we’re in shark-infested waters.

For about 48 hours, traffic will drop. But, if it’s an Obama-Pelosi-Acorn landslide, the sad reality is that, while it will be a devastating catastrophe for America leading to the total collapse of civilization, for us right-wing crazies, it’ll be a commercial gold mine, just like the nineties. I’m torn between what’s best for the world and what’s best for my agent.

Matt Welch, Reason magazine
I’d like to report that I’ll be decompressing with a vacay to Charles Keating’s compound in the Bahamas, but we here at Reason are going from the frying pan of George W. Jackass to the fire of a unified left-bent government that will have just won a historic election by bashing capitalism like Tawny Kitaen bashes her menfolk. So that means railing against bailouts, the nationalization of banks, the 5 million green jobs coming out of Barack Obama’s arse … and so on.

Ben Smith, Politico
I think the transition is going to be just as breakneck as the election, and that the real lull, if any, will come in June or July of next year. I’ve been doing this since Politico launched in January of 2007, and it’s so metabolic at this point I’m not sure I can really unplug. Also, I’m very boring. I have vague aspirations of spiriting my two kids (3 and 5) off to some beach and crawling around with them for a week.

Rachel Sklar, The Huffington Post
First and foremost, I am going to take a nap. That will probably take place sometime around late afternoon on November 5 — IF there aren’t recount issues. After that I can’t think of anything more heavenly than a five-hour arm massage. Then I think I’ll send a big group e-mail to friends and family I’ve neglected over the past year, apologizing profusely and strategically flipping the e-mail ball back into their court. Then I will nap again.

Jim Treacher, JimTreacher.com
If McCain wins, I’ll get to make fun of the insane left-wing gibberish from the “Netroots” and the mainstream media (pardon the redundancy). And if Obama wins, I’ll get to make fun of the insane left-wing gibberish from the White House. So it’s a win-win.

Greg Sargent, Talking Points Memo
I like pretending I’m going on a cruise when it’s all over. Whatever short post-election respite there is will quickly be overtaken by the Obama presidency, should he win. This election is just one chapter in a much bigger story — the creation of a true and enduring 21st-century American politics, domestic and international — and I’m looking forward to focusing the site on that.

Ken Layne, Wonkette
Barring any recount madness or a military coup or a wandering army of starving cannibals headed my way, it will finally be time to pack up the family and the dog and drive to Santa Barbara, where I’ve preemptively secured a beach house far from any possible action. I’m bringing many cases of wine, many boxes of books, and no computer. (That last part is a lie. I’m bringing the goddamned Macbook but hope to leave it turned off.)

Marc Ambinder, TheAtlantic.com
I’ll still blog, but not as frequently, and about a wider range of subjects. I’ll also have more time to think, read, and, importantly, think before I write. And … I guess … start preparing for the 2012 Romney-Huckabee-Paul-Palin Republican Wing of the Republican Party death fight.

November 5: Post-Election Plans of Prominent Politics Bloggers