Peter Lied to Christie About Not Taking the Kids on a Single-Engine Plane

Christie Brinkley thought she got Peter Cook not to take their two kids on a single-engine plane, but he faked her out and did so anyway, which is mean. Also, so not necessary for us to know about. Cindy Adams wonders if Bloomberg will run for that third term as an independent. Cindy also reminds us that today commemorates the moment when “Chris and his guys came over on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.” Thanks, Cindy! Courtney Love wants to move into an East Village walk-up, but friends like Gwyneth and ScarJo tell her she should get a doorman building, probably because her life is messy. Robert De Niro wants Jean-Georges Vongerichten to succeed Mirco del Vecchio as top chef at his restaurant Ago. Gisele and Tom ate an insane amount of food at the Kobe Club. Diddy and oil heir Brandon Davis got in a shoving match last month at Butter.

Tomorrow, McCain gets a $28,000-per-person fund-raiser in New York by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (who has a girl’s name, by the way). Ivana Trump maybe got her younger husband, Rossano Rubicondi, on an Italian reality show so he could make some money after her attempts to launch his singing career failed. (Also, Ivana and Sarah Palin are friends and go way back.) George Clooney gets treated better than regular people and deserves it, says Liz Smith. Stylist Sally Hershberger may do a reality show about her life.

Chrissie Hynde wants to open a vegan restaurant in the Freedom Tower so there are “no mangled, burnt bodies on that menu.” (Chrissie, that’s in really bad taste, speaking of vegan food.) Leo DiCaprio had a condom filled with some liquid flung in his face by drag queen Ms. Rosewood at that crazy notorious hangout The Box. Sam Ronson is suing lawyer Martin Garbus for allegedly botching her cocaine-related defamation case against Perez Hilton.

Photographer Bruce Weber is suing indie actress Anna Thompson for nursing care for her deceased mother, which Thompson thought was a gift. No perfect, naked young men appear involved at this point. Maria Bartiromo hinted to Vanity Fair that the feud between her and fellow CNBC biz correspondent Erin Burnett was concocted by network execs to pump ratings, but somebody else says they really hate each other. Suri Cruise seems starved for socialization with other kids.

J.Lo and Marc Anthony renewed their vows in Vegas alongside Carlos Beltrán and his wife, something that’s exciting for all of us. Jimmy Kimmel impersonates famous presidents in the new GQ. Sandra Bernhard said at a private gay benefit that Madonna looks “straggly and [bleep],” like Dyan Cannon — this shortly after joking about Sarah Palin being “gang-raped” by blacks. The Delano Hotel in South Beach got flack for renting out a beachfront bungalow for auditions for a hard-core porn movie.

Peter Lied to Christie About Not Taking the Kids on a Single-Engine Plane