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Sports Radio and Sports Blogs Now About Everything But … Sports

Al Michaels and William Shatner.

It was a banner week for radio sports talk nationwide. Despite this being one of the busier periods on the sports calendar, what with the baseball playoffs and the NFL in full swing, you can’t just talk about games for five hours a day. No, see, you need to bring the comedy. On one end of the spectrum, you have Dan Patrick playing Al Michaels a clip of William Shatner recreating his famous “Do you believe in miracles?” call. Weird, but fun, and if nothing else, definitely original. And on the other end, there’s Minneapolis (non-sports-talk) hosts Chris Baker and Langdon Perry, who joked that they think Magic Johnson was “faking AIDS.” Ummm, ha?

David Wells Just Wants to Fight Someone. On Bronx Banter, writer Bob Klapisch shares his lasting Yankee Stadium memory: scooping a story about David Wells nearly coming to blows with owner George Steinbrenner, then threatening Klapisch to reveal his sources. Just ponder all the elements of that story for a moment, and you’ll realize that the sad thing isn’t that Yankee Stadium is closing; it’s that crazy things like that never happen anymore. We now officially miss the Yankee teams of the late nineties (and the even wilder ones of the late seventies) more than ever.

Pete Abraham Is Officially a Blogger Now. Efficient and enjoyable Yankees beat reporter Pete Abraham once wrote this about our magazine in his addictive blog: “New York is a good read if you [want to] find a new sushi restaurant or you’re dying for the gossip about Fashion Week. But sports?” Well, off-season he’s now parlaying wisdom on movies (“It’s worth going to see in a theater if only because the battle scenes translate better to a big screen”) and music. (“Something Is Not Right With Me” by Cold War Kids. Heard this on Entourage and liked it.”) Welcome, Pete! We will do everything we can to resist the line “Peter Abraham is a good read if you want to know what the Yankees lineup is that night or you’re dying for press releases about Michael Kay. But movies?”

Sports Radio and Sports Blogs Now About Everything But … Sports