Scheming Socialite Sister Is Tired of All the Attention She Brought Upon Herself

Yesterday an exciting squabble broke out between Natasha Boncompagni and her sister, writer Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover, over the authorship of a chick-lit novel, Hedge Fund Wives. Tatiana, the author of another chick-lit novel, Gilding Lily, told HarperCollins she’d written it and they agreed to publish it. But Natasha, who used to work at a hedge fund, claimed that actually she’d written it and that her sister was a liar. Then Tatiana sued her, saying Natasha sneaked into her computer, stole the manuscript, had it copyrighted with both of their names on it, and started two Websites (www.hedgefundwives.com and www.hedgefundwives.net) that featured portions of the book. Then Natasha sent e-mails to everyone saying that Tatiana was not, as she’d previously claimed, descended from royalty and furthermore that her husband was not the “heir to the Hoover fortune” but instead a salesman with a deadbeat dad called Bunker. Then someone e-mailed us and was like, remember when someone said that Tatiana Boncompagni’s real last name was actually Schneiderman? Just when things seemed like they were going to get even more awesome, like the sisters were going to start making out any minute or something, the court called an emergency hearing yesterday to deal with it.

In court, Tatiana filed a restraining order against her sister, which said she had to take down the Website and also shut up. But Natasha would not shut up! At least not before telling everyone how disappointed she was that her sister caused so much trouble. Last night she wrote a long e-mail to the Observer:

With my sister’s filing of yesterday, this matter has evolved out of my control and into a public spectacle. The media’s attention that my parents and I have now have had to endure has been endless. Moreover, this has the potential to have extremely damaging repercussions to my career. While I was relieved today that the Financial Times did publish my Letter to the Editor (regarding the current state of America’s economic crisis, sent this past weekend), if this media circus continues I risk losing my professional credibility. It should be noted that while I was at home being hounded by the media yesterday evening, my sister was out partying, basking in the attention.

She added that, though she had been approached “by every major network” for an interview, “naturally I have not consented and in the cases where I was approached via email, I have not replied.” Because, we guess, to just send multi-thousand-word e-mails to news outlets unprompted is a better strategy. Oh, Natasha. Even Elle Woods would have known what to do: just sit Tatiana down and make her explain what a drawdown is, for Christ’s sake. Problem solved.

The Battle of the Boncompagni Sisters May Be Drawing to a Close [NYO]

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Scheming Socialite Sister Is Tired of All the Attention She Brought Upon Herself