Seinfelds Enable Madonna and A-Rod’s Unholy Alliance


Madonna and A-Rod sneaked onto separate helicopters to Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s place in the Hamptons, where the four put on Sarah Palin masks and did the Macarena. (Some parts of sentence fabricated for Friday Halloween pre-election fun.) Ivana Trump has been seen “kissing and dancing” with 23-year-old Belgian model Marius Rusovici while her newish husband is in Italy doing a reality show. Ice-T will punch men who grope his near-naked wife Coco-T at a Halloween party tonight, but he doesn’t know what he’ll do about the women who grope her. Bloomberg, Betsy Gotbaum, and Art Garfunkel all get their hair done at the same salon on Madison and 78th. Nello Balan charged a couple $530 for a salad, two pasta dishes with truffles on them, a scoop of ice cream, and an espresso. Jessica Alba invited the waitress to sit down and talk with her at Stanton Social.

Sarah Palin will make big money writing a book and doing lectures after the election, but meanwhile is still studying those position papers hard, reports Cindy Adams. And Cindy has more Halloween goodies: Cameron Diaz thinks something lives in the TV. Helena Bonham Carter used to dream she was being chased by a crab that chased her onto a carpet of live lobsters. Kelsey Grammer dreamed he was on a safari with eighteen people who disappeared, and when the locals surrounded him, the eighteen reappeared and told Kelsey that he had to heal the children. Please, we’ve all had that dream.

Lacey Schwimmer joins Dancing with the Stars colleague Julianne Hough in having endometriosis. Jon Favreau, Kristen Bell, Jason Bateman, Vince Vaughn, and others are making a marriage-therapy movie together in Bora Bora. Margaret Cho has been saying she’s canceling shows because she’s sick, but maybe it’s just because the houses are half full. Gwen Stefani goes the Minnie Driver route and posts a picture of her and her new baby on her Website instead of selling it to a tabloid for big money. Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Collins, Alec Baldwin, and others tell their rehab stories in a new book. Bill Maher kind of made a joke to Ryan Seacrest about Ryan being gay. Tracy Morgan is saving money by skipping strip clubs and instead throwing money at his wife in lingerie, which he then takes back and buys groceries with.

Seinfelds Enable Madonna and A-Rod’s Unholy Alliance